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Secretly communicate with people on stage with InstaPrompter, a revolutionary stage intercom teleprompter


Secretly talk to people on stage with voice to text. Speak into your iPhone and large written words appear on iPads hidden in props or footlights. Actors, musicians, and speakers discreetly read this unscripted information during live events without anyone noticing. As a result they appear more competent, spontaneous, and on time.

How it works:
Open this app on multiple devices. Hold one upright and type or speak. Hide the others sideways on stage and everything appears there in huge scrolling letters Teleprompter-style. Unlimited distance! It’s a Teleprompter that ate WhatsApp, Skype, and Siri. The best voice recognition teleprompter imaginable.

Why it helps:
This year alone, InstaPrompter helps over 16,000 actors remember 200,000 forgotten lines during live performances. It assists 9,000 speakers answering 34,000 unplanned questions at press conferences. It prevents 22,000 comedians from going over time and forgetting the next act’s name. And it's “misused” 68,000 times to announce drink-specials at bars.

Who it’s for:
For those who need to be reached but aren’t supposed to look at a phone. Be it on stage or in front of cameras. Stage managers and theatrical professionals will love that the stage intercom system finally extends onto stage to improve live productions, saving time and money. It's not a Teleprompter for speeches, it's a Teleprompter for Live Shows.

What it excels at:
*Super easy to use and set up *Words appear as you type to save valuable seconds. *Unlimited reach thanks to cloud-streaming. *Voice recognition for lousy typers. *Blink, color-change, gong for cues and announcements. *Passworded feed so you can use any borrowed iPhone, iPad, Android and volunteers who simultaneously prompt onto stage. *Yeah, it can stream pix and use your camera. *Dimmable fake notepad-look so you can sit in the audience and pretend to be a journalist instead of a prompter. *Invertible type for mirror reading and teleprompter rigs. *No Wifi or Bluetooth required; 3G is fine: Prompt from another country! *Save with cheap Android tablets because this app is on Google Play and Apple’s App Store. *Use InstaPrompter for Mac and PC for faster typing (coming soon) *AirPlay and Chromecast support for large screens and projectors to misuse the app for dynamic signage and live subtitling at events.

You’ll love it.
Try it because it’s free. It has ads to help cover our expenses; You can remove those for cheap if you decide to professionally use the app. This will then assist us add new features that you request.

Stage, TV, and Cinema
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